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Our Memory Joggers are uniquely formatted to help you flourish with greater quality, efficiency, and a stronger workforce.

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We provide the most up to date critical tools for continuous improvement, quality, and organizational excellence, brought to you through our Memory Jogger series of Pocket Guides. We teach anyone at any level key concepts and provide practical experience with business improvement tools. Start with the Memory Jogger 2 Training Materials. Our on-site training programs drive home learning through a combination of lecture, case studies, hands-on activities, Memory Jogger Pocket Guides that you can always refer back to remember what you learned. "We Remember the Tools For YOU!" - Download PDF of Memory Jogger Product Catalog.

On-Site Training

GOAL/QPC's onsite workshop offerings help people at all organizational levels learn and apply tools, methods, and processes that are critically needed to attain world-class organizational excellence. Workshops focus on such areas as strategic planning, problem-solving, project management, time management, facilitation skills, new product development, creativity and innovation, total quality management (TQM), concept engineering, and integrated business management systems.

Memory Joggers

Our concisely written pocket guides enable people at all organizational levels to learn and apply tools, methods and processes that are critically needed to attain world-class organizational excellence. With over 10 million copies in circulation, our customers value our Memory Joggers as stand-alone learning resources or used in a training environment. Made popular with our trademark "What it is," "What it does," "How do you do it?" format, users can acquire basic skills in such techniques as project management, problem solving, innovation and more.


Self-paced, world class, e-learning courses. Eliminate waste, reduce variability, eradicate errors and improve customer service by making sure you and your workforce are properly trained. We guide you through e-Learning and pairing courses with pocket guide training tools that help you remember all those tools!

Research | White Papers

Bi-Weekly we announce special white paper offerings on special topics. Areas of expertise that have been covered so far, are Food Safety, Innovation, Enterprise Excellence, and more. We are also happy to bring you our entire Journal of Innovative Management archived articles; now available online for your use.

Customer Testimonials

1. "The Lean Six Sigma Deployment Memory Jogger, I like it... very good graphics ... condensed and practical. Particularly, I liked the Higher Why section, because it is not mentioned in many other lean six sigma books and it is very important." — Carolina Jimenez, Operational Excellence Manager, Bausch & Lomb.
2. "GOAL/QPC worked with us to compile material from several of their "Joggers" with our own BMW-specific content to create the BMW Financial Services Process Management and Quality Memory Jogger. Throughout the customization process, the team at GOAL/QPC was helpful and responsive. The final product is a high-quality reference guide that I am proud to share with our leadership team and associates." — BMW Financial Services.
3. "Over the years, we have use GOAL/QPC Memory Joggers as a quick reference guide in our Continuous Quality Improvement training. Lean tools are an important element of our training, and having a reference such as the Lean for Healthcare Memory Jogger is a great resource for our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) practitioners. I was most impressed of the quality of the content, but especially to the references to the "Healing Pathway". This concept greatly resonates with our practitioners and provides a familiar framework for the application of Lean concepts and tools" — Sr. Mary Jean Ryan, fsm, Chair of the Board, SSM Health Care.